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Andrew TYLER

As the Scotland Hydro Nation Chair (HNC), I provide the leadership to forge the collaborative relationships across the Scottish water sector to deliver the solutions for sustainable water management, including going beyond net zero by 2040. I lead a team of four Interdisciplinary Research Leader Fellows and two Senior Innovation Fellows to provide the knowledge brokerage and translation of science, engineering, technology and policy innovations into implementable and viable solutions at pace. I am a Director of Scotland’s International Environment Centre (SIEC), developing a regional scale digital observatory, a living laboratory across the Firth of Forth catchment - the Forth-Environment Resilience Array (Forth-ERA). Forth-ERA is funded by Scottish and UK government to build a platform to support the Green Recovery and Blue Growth opportunities. This programme of research and innovation builds on our leading development in satellite and in-situ based Earth observation (EO) of water quality and quantity related monitoring, which has been sustained by UK, European and ESA funding. An example is the H2020 DOORS programme (led by GeoEcoMar), in which we co-lead the development of the System of Systems for the Black Sea and builds on this capability.