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Biologist, alumni of “Ovidius” University, with a master degree in marine biology and a PhD in environmental studies. Coordinator of several projects focused on sustainable development, both in formal and non-formal education. Involved, for many years, in NGO’s sector, at local as well as national and European level.

Author of several textbooks, guides (for students and teachers) and toolkits in project management, environmental education and education for sustainable education. Trainer of trainers, since 2000, organized and delivered many courses for teachers and NGO’s members.

Member of European Marine Science Education Association (since 2021) and coordinator of projects focused on marine/ocean literacy. Involved in many partnerships among European schools and NGO’s, that promoted since 2001 projects on developing scientific, digital and critical thinking skills.

Involved in educational management since 1997, highschool textbooks evaluator and mentor for trainees and universities students. Consultant and evaluator of educational projects in the field of sustainability.