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Sašo GORJANC - Workshop Moderator

Sašo Gorjanc is a PhD student at School of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews. His research focusses on social and psychological factors affecting the implementation of EU marine environmental policies across European regional seas. Sašo also holds a MSc degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management (University of Oxford, 2015) and a BSc degree in Environmental Sciences (Aberystwyth University, 2014). He has work experience on MSFD, MSP, and Nature Directives in Slovenia and in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, from a number of EU-funded projects (COHENET, MEDCIS, MEDREGION. He has also worked on Interreg and EUKI projects on terrestrial conservation projects in South-Eastern and Central Europe, focusing on Karst protected areas and UNESCO World Heritage-inscribed primeval beech forests. He has been involved in preparing the investment strategy for Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund for the Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot and has worked on the Common Regional Framework for ICZM for the Barcelona Convention. He is also a lecturer teaching Introduction to Environmental Sociology and Public Participation, Communication in Slovenia and a teaching assistant in Geography and Sustainable Development modules in St Andrews. Since 2022, he is also part of the prestigious Europaeum Scholars programme.

Name: Sašo GORJANC
Position: PhD student
Affiliation: School of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews
Email: sg322@st-andrews.ac.uk